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Mobile Gallery Arts Initiative presents:

Selected Works from “…in a perfect world, I would be perfect, world.”

New Work by John Alleyne

On Display: May 18th - July 20th, 2022

Carnegie Library - 537 E. Henry Street, Savannah GA 31401

Facebook Event:

The Mobile Gallery Arts Initiative is an educational public arts project spearheaded by ARTS Southeast in 2022 with investment by the City of Savannah, in partnership with Live Oak Public Libraries. Selections from exhibitions on display at Sulfur Studios will travel to three public library branches this year, creating opportunities for communities across Savannah to experience and learn about contemporary art. This program allows the public to see artworks in a range of media covering topics such as: Printmaking as an expression of Black identity; a commemoration of Juneteenth by artists from across the nation; multimedia artwork that educates the public about endangered native plant and animal species.

“. . . in a perfect world, I would be perfect, world.” New Work by John Alleyne, was on display in the Main Gallery at Sulfur Studios in April, 2022. Sulfur Studios produced an exhibition catalogue documenting this work, which is now available at Carnegie Library.

About John Alleyne’s work:

“. . . in a perfect world, I would be perfect, world.” is a bar from poetic genius Kendrick Lamar’s song, “Pride.” This line is a metaphorical reference and inspiration behind Alleyne’s silkscreen process. This new body of work is an exploration of freedom, connecting lived experience with an intuitive process of mark-making.

Unhinged silkscreens and squeegees are used to create painterly gestures of abstraction. With these gestures, Alleyne challenges notions of healing, beauty, manhood and masculinity as found within the aesthetic of

hairstyle-guide posters. Individuals depicted in these posters are anonymous, identified only by number; this points to the broader subject of Black bodies being commodified, manipulated and deified. Alleyne places emphasis on the act of movement, relating it to migration and the deconstruction of stereotypes. Alleyne aims to find common ground in the Black experience of the barbershop and hair salon as a safe haven or place of sanctuary.

Originally from the island of Barbados, John Alleyne migrated to Brooklyn, NY where he became immediately drawn to Hip-Hop culture, and the expressive, gestural quality of street art. In the summer of 2018, Alleyne graduated from Louisiana State University with an MFA in Studio Art, and a concentration in painting and drawing.

Alleyne is an Assistant Professor of Art at Southern University and A & M College, and Program Leader of the Visual Arts program. He currently lives and works in New Orleans, LA and Brooklyn, NY.

Exhibition Details

Selected works from “ a perfect world, I would be perfect, world.” New Work by John Alleyne is on display at the Carnegie Library from May 18th - July 20th 2022. Carnegie Library Hours: SUN - Closed, MON - 10AM - 7PM, TUES - FRI - 10AM - 6PM, SAT - 10AM - 2PM.

To access videos of John Alleyne speaking about his work on display, visit:

For more information please contact:

Samantha Mack – Gallery Assistant and Director of Public Relations


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